Bellevue Gold Project

The Bellevue Gold Project

2,200,000 oz @ 11.3 g/t gold - High Grade Gold Discovery

The Bellevue Gold Project (Bellevue Gold 100%) A Forgotten Treasure.
The Bellevue Gold Project is 400km north west of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and sits within a high-grade gold and nickel district on the prolific Wiluna-Norseman gold belt. Bellevue is within 100km of numerous producing goldmines and in close proximity to world-class nickel mines.

The Bellevue Mine historically produced 800,000 ounces at 15 g/t from a lode vein underground operation before its closure in 1997. Bellevue Gold is completing the first modern exploration at the project since mine closure. Due to the hiatus in any work being done the project lacks systematic below shallow depths in what is a significant high-grade ore system.

Since commencing drilling in late 2017 three new significant discoveries have been made which are reflected in the current resource inventory of 2,200,000 ounces @ 11.3 g/t of Inferred Category resources. All resources are located close to or adjacent to existing historical mine development. The company is continuing to step out and expand the footprint of the deposit with ongoing exploration drilling.

The Bellevue Lode Systems

The Bellevue Lode Systems form a continuous 4 km mineralised system of high grade quartz lodes in a shear corridor within the Mount Goode Basalt. Mineralisation is shear controlled and associated with high pyrrhotite content, minor chalcopyrite and fine-grained visible gold.

Within the lode system, there are 5 currently known high grade lodes; Bellevue Lode, Deacon Lode, Tribune Lode, Viago Lode and the Southern Belle Lode. Currently, defined lodes are all located in the top 600m from surface and no drilling or testing has occurred below this horizon.

NEW DISCOVERY – Deacon High Grade Lode

The Deacon Lode is a significant and new discovery located 400 m to the east of the Bellevue Lode. The Discovery was first reported in August 2019 and a maiden resource has been reported of 1.0 Mt @ 12.3 g/t for 0.41 Moz of contained gold over 900m of strike. The lode has been subsequently extended to 2.2 km of strike with drilling continued at the this exciting high-grade gold discovery and mineralisation open in every direction.

Drill results from Deacon include:
  • 3.6m @ 18.3 g/t gold from 655m including 2.2m @ 27.8 g/t gold from 656m in DRDD130
  • 3.8m @ 13.9 g/t gold from 667m in DRDD237
  • 4.4m @ 62.4 g/t gold from 692m in DRDD218
  • 2.3m @ 39.0 g/t gold from 819m in DRDD273
  • 3.0 m @ 10.4 g/t gold from 587m in DRDD295
  • 3.0 m @ 12.0 g/t gold from 571m in DRDD313
Results from outside the current resource area include:
  • 3.0 m @ 12.0 g/t gold from 571 m in DRDD3132
  • 4.5 m @ 6.6 g/t gold from 635.6 m in DRDD318
  • 1.0 m @ 23.8 g/t gold from 599.8m in DRDD314
  • 1.0 m @ 12.6 g/t gold from 735.1m in DRDD1162
  • 0.4m @ 25.5 g/t gold from 517m and 0.8m @ 8.8 g/t gold from 642m in DRDD368 (scout 200m step out to North)

Viago High Grade Lode

The Viago Deposit was discovered in June 2018 during drilling targeting offset lode positions of the Bellevue Mine. High-grade gold mineralisation in the Viago Lode has now been extended to a total strike length of 1,500 metres representing a doubling of the previous resource envelope (750 metres of strike length). The Viago Lode is one of the highest grade gold discoveries in recent times with a inferred resource of 700,000 ounces @ 16.1 g/t gold. The Viago Lode mineralisation remains completely open along strike in both directions.

Drill results from Viago include:
  • 3m @ 87.6 g/t gold from 597m in DRDD069
  • 6.4m @ 27.9 g/t gold from 587.6m in DRDD073
  • 4.3m @ 58.8 g/t gold from 575.5m in DRDD013
  • 2.8m @ 32.3 g/t gold from 606.8m in DRDD072
  • 3.35 m @ 37.4 g/t gold from 562.45m in DRDD070
  • 6.9 m @ 18.0 g/t gold from 535.9m in DRCDW020
  • 2.8m @ 19.0 g/t gold from 571.65m in DRDD065
  • 2.5 m @ 13.1 g/t gold from 560.5m in DRCD022
  • 1.5 m @ 23.9 g/t gold from 566.3m in DRDD066
  • 4.3 m @ 8.8 g/t gold in DRDD059
  • 4.1 m @ 6.0 g/t gold from 406.5m in DRDD156
  • 1.1 m @ 14.7 g/t gold from 414.8m in DRDD162
  • 0.3 m @ 24.2 g/t gold from 387.8m in DRDD169

Tribune Lode High Grade Discovery

The Tribune Lode was discovered by Bellevue Gold in late 2017 in shallow RC drilling. The lode is located 400m west of the Bellevue Mine and strike has now been tested for 1,300m and remains open along strike and at depth.

DRDD247 3m @ 33.0 g/t gold​

Drill results from Tribune include:

  • 5m @ 22.9 g/t gold from 25m1 in DRCD004
  • 7m @ 27.4 g/t gold from 93m in DRRC10242
  • 15m @ 5.8 g/t gold from 79.5m (including 0.3m @ 242g/t gold from 79.5m)1 in DRDD006
  • 12m @ 12.0 g/t gold from 68m in DRDD010
  • 2.4m @ 21.9 g/t gold from 162.8m in DRDD013
  • 3.8m @ 5.2 g/t gold from 133m and 2.5m @ 29 g/t gold from 147.5m in DRCD020
  • 2.4m @ 16.6 g/t gold from 102.4m in DRDD036
  • 8m @ 5.0 g/t gold from 53m including 4m @ 9.0 g/t gold from 57m in DRCC033
  • 7m @ 7.2 g/t gold including 2m @ 17.8 g/t from 289m in DRDD0341
  • 4.5m @ 13.3 g/t gold from 305.5m in DRDD057
  • 10.1m @ 29.0 g/t gold from 188.5m in DRDD069
  • 5m @ 27.3 g/t gold from 41m in DRRC143
  • 7m @ 3.0 g/t gold from 13m in DRRC144
  • 7m @ 8.2 g/t gold from 34m in DRRC146
  • 3.5 m @ 15.1 g/t gold from 356m in DRDD175A
  • 2.4 m @ 9.9 g/t gold from 257m in DRDD181
  • 2.6 m @ 11.4 g/t gold from 202m in DRDD166 (southernmost drill intersection to date)
  • 4.5 m @ 4.8 g/t gold from 172m in DRDD171

Bellevue Mine Surrounds and Southern Lode

The Bellevue Lode was historically mined to produce in excess of 800,000 ounces of gold at an average grade of 15 g/t. Extraction was predominantly by underground extraction techniques with mining continuing to the 450m RL before the operation ceased in 1997. Mineralisation has recently been extended significantly to the south by Bellevue Gold with the first exploration drilling in the lode since mine closure. Additionally several previously unknown hanging wall lodes and significant unmined mineralisation was also confirmed by first pass drilling.

Drill results from Bellevue Mine include:

  • 2.4m @ 13.1 g/t gold from 417.1m in DRDD082
  • 0.8m @ 6.03 g/t gold from 52.4m AND
    3.2m @ 2.8 g/t gold from 68.3m in DRDD083
  • 1.6m @ 12.5 g/t gold from 215.5m AND
    0.8m @ 2.0 g/t gold from 320.3m in DRDD084
  • 1.3m @ 35.2 g/t gold from 75.6m AND
    3.9m @ 16.0 g/t gold from 191.1m in DRDD085
  • 0.4m @ 8.3 g/t gold from 244m AND
    0.4m @ 1.5 g/t gold from 297.3m in DRDD086
  • 0.7m @ 17.0 g/t gold from 124.9m AND
    0.7m @ 11.6 g/t gold from 160.6m AND
    0.6m @ 25.6 g/t gold from 202.4m in DRDD087
  • 0.3m @ 5.3 g/t gold from 159.2 in DRDD088
    1m @ 9.3 g/t gold from 143.9m AND
    1.2m @ 19.3 g/t gold from 208.2m AND
    2.4m @ 26.1 g/t gold from 269.9m in DRDD089
  • 3.1m @ 5.6 g/t gold from 170.8m in DRDD090
  • 0.3m @ 10.4m from 378.5m in DRDD091
  • 3.5m @ 12.3 g/t gold from 411.8m in DRDD092


Project Geology

The Bellevue Gold Project is situated in the Agnew-Wiluna Greenstone Belt, bounded by the Perseverance Fault to the east and the Ida lineament to the west. The major mining centres of Agnew (+8 MOZ) is located 40km to the south and Wiluna (+11 MOZ) is located 120km to the north.

Mineralisation is hosted with the Mount Goode Basalt sequence which is cut by a series of NNW trending mineralised shear zones and is associated with lode style shear veins with high pyrrhotite contents and abundant fine grained free gold. These ore zones characterise bonanza grade ore shoots which plunge gently to the south across the mineralised shears.

The mineralisation style and structural setting is consistent with major Archean Lode style systems internationally such as Red Lake (>20 Moz gold camp at >20g/t grade) located in Canadas Abitibi.