Our Communities

At Bellevue Gold Limited we aim to continually improve the way in which we interact with the community and strengthen relationships through our support of the local communities in the surrounding areas.




Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a set of practices used by agencies, schools and communities to enable youth to reach their full developmental potential. These practices engage young people in a manner that promotes positive and healthy transitions from adolescence to adulthood.

The Box Fit initiative requires concentration, physical fitness and teste mental strength. It assists young people to be more attentive in the classroom and improves academic success. The project’s objectives are:

      • Improve Child Health and Wellbeing.
      • Improve Family Functioning.
      • Improve Adult Functioning.
      • Improve Community Wellbeing.

Centrecare Leonora would like to create a group where youth can reach their full developmental potential this will be achieved by:

      • Creating an opportunity based on their strengths.
      • Providing meaningful learning experiences that enable youth to feel connected to others.
      • Preparing for life events through developing a wide range of capabilities.

Bellevue Gold Limited has committed to the Box Fit initiative through the purchase of boxing equipment, the hiring of the recreation centre for twice a week and the supply of fresh produce to help with maintaining a correct diet.


(2019 – 2020)

The Nyunnga-Ku Woman’s Group in Leonora was foundered by Colleen Berry and has been supporting the Leonora Community for over 4 years.  The Nyunnga-Gu meaning “Belonging To Woman” continues to build from strength to strength while creating an opportunity to learn new skills and have some fun.

The Nyunnga-Ku focuses on building strong relationships, social, emotional wellbeing through various forms of mental health and cultural activities.

The group is for all members of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal and a place to come together, to support one another, discuss issues that are specific to the community.

The Sewing and Craft Group is held every Wednesday evening and is more than just an opportunity to sew, it is an opportunity for women in the town to come together and share stories, culture, experiences and ideas.

Bellevue Gold has proudly assisted this initiative by collecting and transporting 12 sewing machines to Perth and back to enable them to be serviced. BGL has also provided the Group with materials for sewing and enabled the group to receive lessons in macramé.



There are many social issues that Leonora community is experiences and student access to daily regular meals is one of the more pressing issues. Recent studies have shown students who have access to regular meals increases their attendance rate at school, curb anti-social behaviour and reduce the incidence of children unlawfully entering residences and business sites searching for food.

In conjunction with WAPOL and Leonora District High School, Bellevue Gold Limited and 28 villages have committed to supplying a number of meals per week. Our aim is to build on the current number to eventually supply 350 nutritious meals to the students.


The Clontarf Foundation was established to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. In achieving these goals the students are better placed to participate as a meaningful member of society.

Bellevue Gold has provided long term support for Clontarf and in 2018 and formalised this support through a 3 year partnership, particularly focussed in the Goldfields region and the Kalgoorlie Academy.  Through the partnership, Bellevue Gold and the Clontarf team will engage their students and graduates with our team and seek employment at our sites.

As part of Bellevue Gold’s long term relationship with Clontarf, our sites have hosted Clontarf graduates as part of the Mining and the Land programme to introduce the boys to Mining and the relevant career opportunities.


Centrecare, HOPE Community Services, CPFS and Bellevue Gold Limited, facilitated an overnight camp for the Leonora Community, as part of the Leonora Mental Health Week.  The camp was a huge success, where community members were able to sit and talk about the Mental Health issues the community faces daily and join together to improved mental health and wellbeing.

The camp provided carers and children/youth respite from day to day issues they currently face and provided a platform for in-depth discussions on;

        • What is Mental Health?
        • What to look for
        • Mental Health Issues
        • Ways to Look after Yourself
        • Coping with everyday stress

Mental health is about the way we think, feel and develop relationships – and not merely the absence of a mental health condition. When we go through tough times, little things can make a difference in how we feel and how we cope with life’s ups and downs. Keeping our mind healthy is something we should do daily. It is an essential part of your overall health to be able to function well, have meaningful social connections, positive self-esteem and the ability to cope with change.

Day One: Approximately 30 men, woman and children from the community of Leonora travelled 130km to the Bellevue Gold Ltd campsite which was already set up before we arrived. The group began with a brief introduction of ourselves to the rest of the group.

The woman then began an activity of basket weaving where an elder of the community leaders. This was followed by dinner, then a 7th birthday celebration of one of the girls in attendance. We had a movie night under the stars for the younger children (Inside Out) which is about the different emotions we have.

Day Two: The group continued with the Weaving some went Honey ant hunting and the rest stayed at camp for a game of cricket and had an official opening of this camp where Vicky Abdullah gave an acknowledgement to Country, and Chris Semmens (Centrecare) and Sam Doran (HOPE Community Services) then spoke about Mental Awareness  and What is Mental Health? What to look for, Mental Health Issues, Ways to Look after Yourself, Coping with everyday stress. Lots of question were asked and answered. We then enjoyed at prepared lunch before travelling back to Leonora.


Formal requests for community donations or sponsorship should be emailed to admin@bellevuegold.com.au.  All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.