Bellevue Gold Limited (ASX:BGL) is developing the high-grade Bellevue Gold Project in Western Australia with the vision of becoming one of the most profitable and socially responsible gold mining companies listed on the Australian stock exchange. The company recently released a Definitive Feasibility Study outlining a robust underground mining and onsite processing operation with industry stand out production, financial and ESG metrics underpinned by the exceptional grade of the project.

The Bellevue Gold Project is located approximately 30km north of Leinster township and sits in a major gold and nickel producing district. The Company has a highly skilled management team with a track record of exploration success and development of major gold mines.


The company is currently progressing the Bellevue Mine into production, aiming to become one of the most profitable Western Australian focussed gold producers.


With the Mining and Resource sector currently experiencing a boom, and skills shortages being experienced in WA. Now more than ever employees have an opportunity to be selective about their next role and career move and the type of organisation they want to work for.

At Bellevue Gold we believe our main competitive advantages lies with our people, we don’t take for granted how lucky we are to have such a dedicated workforce of employees whose personal values align to our Company values of PACE, Passion, Accountability, Community, Excellence! As such we are selective about the type of people we want to join our team and maintain the great culture we have built to date.

In exchange Bellevue offers a truly progressive workplace with some of highlights mentioned below:


  • Bellevue Gold is committed to operating sustainably. We seek to minimise our environmental footprint as we progress the project into production and are on track to be one of the Greenest Gold operations in Australia. Read more in our 2020 Sustainability report.

  • Gender Diversity currently at 42%, and Indigenous diversity at 6%, we value and promote diversity, equality and inclusion, and seek to build an organisation which reflects the diversity seen in the general population.

  • A truly inclusive workplace where everyone’s ideas are welcomed, valued and considered.

  • A positive workplace culture.

  • Ongoing job security with our Definitive Feasibility Study outlining a robust long-life project and an exciting future for the organisation.

  • An Employee incentive Program which offers employees equity in the organisation, linked to performance, so that all employees get to share in the success of the organisation and are rewarded for their efforts and hard work, with 88% employees currently holding performance rights in the organisation.

As we progress our project towards first gold pour at a rapid PACE, we have many opportunities available to join the team at Bellevue Gold. If you feel you are aligned to the workplace culture we have on offer, then we would love to hear from you. Please send your CV for all roles, as an expression of interest to our HR team at

“We want to work with like-minded people. When labour becomes tight, we want people to choose to work for us and take pride in what we stand for,”


Luke Gleeson

Head of Corporate Development

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